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Veterans Enhanced Therapeutic Courts

Veterans Enhanced Therapeutic (VET) Courts are a collaboration of numerous agencies: The Court, the VA, the Public Defender’s Office, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Probation Department, and many other community partners. These agencies, working together, have established a viable option for a select group of veteran offenders whose needs are better met through treatment intervention rather than incarceration.

The mission of the VET Court is to provide an interagency, collaborative, non-adversarial treatment strategy for veterans involved in the criminal justice system while holding them accountable and reintegrating veterans into the community.


  1. Introduce veteran participants to an ongoing process of recovery designed to help them become stable, employed and substance-free while continuing mental health care through community/peer counseling groups or the VA.
  2. Increase community/public safety and awareness.
  3. Reduce participant contacts with the criminal justice system.
  4. Reduce costs associated with criminal case processing and re-arrest.

The following Courts collaborate with Spokane Veterans Forum to support the mission and goals of the courts to provide therapeutic, educational and mentoring to veterans who are referred by the Court systems.





Additional Partners

  • Spokane Army National Guard Readiness Center:
    SVF owes a deep gratitude to the SANGRC for providing the facilities for SVF to hold its monthly Forums, mentor meetings, and other supporting events.
    Click for Directions & Map.
  • Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center provides medical and therapeutic services for veterans.  In addition, the VA is a wealth of professional personnel who regularly provide classes and training at the monthly Forums.
  • The Veterans Justice Outreach and Healthcare for Homeless Veterans Programs provide invaluable support and services to SVF veterans.
  • Prior to becoming an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, SVF is much indebted to the Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest which provided invaluable support from the inception of the Spokane Veterans Forum including: administration, facilities for meetings and accounting services.
  • Spokane Combat Vet Riders Association has provided invaluable support in many ways for the SVF since its inception: The organization promotes its’ members to become veteran mentors, provides facilities for small group events, sponsors meals for the monthly Forum and provides community support for Vet defendants in need. SVF is grateful for the continued support of veteran defendants and mentors.
  • The Spokane Veterans Center.
    SVF is grateful for the continued support of veteran defendants and mentors.  The Veterans Center regularly provides an onsite representative during each monthly Forum and schedules activities to celebrate and contribute to the well-being of veterans and their families through mental health counseling and guidance for veteran’s services.
  • Northwest Golfers for Warriors – Dan Kleckner’s Golf Classic
    SVF is honored to be among the recipients of funds from this organization.  The sponsors of the annual golfing event provide an enjoyable means for the golfing public of the Northwest to directly participate in annual tournaments to raise funds in support of organizations like the SVF that reach out and provide services to local, deserving veterans.
  • Local Universities are represented by professional practitioners and noted academicians who are experts in their respective fields. SVF is honored to have the support of these quality institutions and individuals who donate their time and expertise to conduct educational sessions at the Forum.


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