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Mentors & SVF Spotlight

A Guide to Help All Mentors Serve Their Mentees

SVF Mentor Handbook

With the help of the Spokane Veterans Court and our fellow Mentors, we created a Handbook to help all Mentors serve their Mentees. This link takes you to that Handbook. Like other resources, this document is a work in process. It is a Handbook, not a Rulebook.

Mentor Handbook Updated: October 2022

The Handbook is a support document to the monthly Mentor Training.  This meeting provides Mentors with knowledge and skills in the areas they need in order to be effective as Mentors.

SVF Mentor Qualifications

  1. Must pass criminal and personal background checks.
  2. Must meet one of the following criteria:
    • Military Service: Currently serving or veteran with honorable or medical discharge.
    • Successfully completed/graduated from the VET Court program and satisfied a six-month waiting period after graduation.
  3. Age is not a limiting factor.




SVF Mentor Application Forms

If you would like to work with the Spokane Veterans Forum, as a mentor, please submit the Mentor Application forms as instructed on the Personal Background Application Form.

SVF Policies

The Spokane Veterans Forum has established a Policy document in the spirit that all people participating in SVF meetings and events will encounter a respectful, safe and supportive environment. These Policies establish standards that apply to all SVF volunteers and veteran defendants (Associates) participating in or directly connected to meetings sponsored or supported by SVF.

March 2017 SVF Policies

SVF Spotlights

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