Our Operation Staff and Board of SVF, along with the Court officials and Veterans Treatment Court Judges are following protocols established by the Spokane Regional Health District regarding COVID-19. At this time, after careful consideration, Vet Forum has announced it will be cancelled until notified by the Courts to resume. Please follow guidelines from the Court and Probation Officers regarding Vet Court appearances. Mentees of Spokane Veterans Forum (SVF) should remain in continued communication, by email or telephonically, with the assigned Probation Officer. Please expect delays with returned calls as they will only be returned when P.O.s are in their offices. Thank you for your support and we wish everyone Good Health.

Meet the Spokane Veterans Forum

The Spokane Veterans Forum (SVF) is a 501(C)(3), non-profit organization that provides mentoring, educational, therapeutic, and life enhancing services to military veterans referred from regional Veterans Enhanced Therapeutic Courts (VET Court).  The SVF was established in 2010. The SVF trains volunteer mentors and matches mentors with defendants.  Reports are regularly made to the VET Court probation officers regarding individual progress and compliance for the court ordered treatment reviews.  At the formal SVF monthly meetings, the veterans share a meal together and attend educational or therapeutic programs.  A celebration ceremony is also held to acknowledge graduates of the program.  Through successful participation in the SVF program and their individual respective treatment services, nearly all participating defendant veterans will have their offense dismissed or substantially reduced-all done with other veterans at their side.  The SVF Program prepares veteran defendants to take their place as upstanding citizens in society and saves the community the cost of incarcerations.


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Your donation to Spokane Veterans Forum will invest in veterans, creating a ripple effect in communities across the northwest. The Forum provides veterans the means for seeking a healthy lifestyle and develop life skills. Your donation will secure treatment the veterans have earned and assist them to secure employment, prevent living on the streets and prevent the possible tragedy of suicide.