Reference Materials

2018 Reference Material

Reference material from May 18. 2018 Forum Class
Reference material from July 31. 2018 Forum Class

1. Jerry Gutman’s Presentation

Powerpoint Presentation


2017 Reference Material

Reference material from January 19, 2017 Forum Class
  1. Anna Marie Medina:  Healthy Parent/Child Relationships PDF: Parenting – VetForum 1-19 -17 JPG – Everyday Parenting Toolkit
  2. Alan Basham:  What To do When You’re Blue – Thoughts on Sorrow PDF: Sorrow
Reference material from March 16, 2017 Forum Class
  1. Grace Bonasera Creaseman- Director of Addiction Studies, EWU Topic:  Addiction and the Effects on Family PDF: Addiction Families and the Impact Contact: Email: Office:  509.828.1437
  2. Herb Robinson, Ph.D. – Certified Mental Health Psychotherapist & Counselor Topic:  Responding to Anger PDF: Herb Robinson – Handouts Email: Office:  509-534-5028 Website:
Reference material from May 17. 2017 Forum Class

Sara Dunbar, CTRS/R

Therapeutic Recreation, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

Emily Messina, PhD, CTRS/R

Therapeutic Recreation, Eastern Washington University



TBI and PTSD Community Re-entry and Post Injury Recreation



PDF:  TBI and PTSD Community Re-entry and Post Injury Recreation

Reference material from February 16, 2017 Forum Class
1. Mark Young, Ph.D. – Assoc. Professor, Gonzaga University Topic:  More Than Anger PDF: More Than Anger Contact: Email: Office:  509-496-0349 2. Dawn Gray, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, VA; Major, Army National Guard Topic:  Stages of Change PDF: Stages of Change Handout Contact: Email: Office:  (509) 434-7281
Reference material from April 20. 2017 Forum Class
1. Matt Chase, Ph.D. Professor, Physical Education, Health & Recreation, EWU Topic:  Sexual Harassment PDF: Matt Chase – Sexual Harassment Presentation 04-20-17 Contact: Cell: 509-710-9065 Work: 509-359-7964 Email: 2. Matthew Layton, MD, Ph.D., Medical Director, Addictions Research, WSU Topic:  Vets Mental Health Issues Contact: Work:  509-358-7502 Email:
Reference material from June 15. 2017 Forum Class
1. Cathrene (“Cat”) Nichols Administrator, Spokane County & Eastern Washington Regional Veterans Services Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs INW Program Manager, WestCare Foundation Topic:  Emotional Intelligence Contact:   1101 W. College Ave, Spokane, WA 99201 Office: (509) 477-4498 Mobile: (360) 485-7799 PDF: Emotional Intelligence Training slides Vet Forum 2. Joe Scheffer Founder/Director/Trainer:  Operation Dog Tag Topic:  Service Dogs:  Use, Training, Legal Contact: PO Box 1892 Deer Park, WA 1892 Phone:  509-276-4364

2016 Reference Material

Reference Material from March 17, 2016 Forum Class
  1. Steve James, Ph.D.  – Importance of sleep on Mental & Physical Health Powerpoint File – james-steve-importance-of-sleep-2016-03-17
Reference Material from the July 21, 2016 Forum Class
  1. Hank Cramer.  Troubador – Soldier Songs Hank Cramer is an American folk singer. Lt. Colonel Green Beret, the son of a Green Beret, Cramer started singing in college before enlisting in the Army in 1976. See his website
  2. Emily Messina, Ph.D. – Therapeutic Recreation DOCX File – therapeutic-recreation-questionaire-messina-emily Powerpoint File – messina-emily-therapeutic-recreation-07-21-16
Reference material from September 15, 2016 Forum Class
1.The Power of Vulnerability – Brené Brown, TED Talk, facilitated by Bernice Gutman, Ph.D. DOCX File – the-power-of-vulnerability-brene_brownted_talk
Reference Material from the May 19, 2016 Forum Class
  1. Russell Kolts, Ph.D. – Helping ourselves & Others Be at Our Best TEDx Olympia talk by Russell Kolts, Ph.D.
Reference material from August 18, 2016 Forum Class
  1. Jack & Kathleen Stell – Non-Pharmacological Interventions for PTSD and TBI. PDF 1 – trauma-symptom-stabilization-techniques-resources-jack-stell PDF 2- trauma-resolution-interventions-jack-stell
  2. Mike Barnes, CEO, Fastway Freight – Guidelines for Searching and Getting a Job PDF – job-search-techniques-mark-barnes-ceo-fastway-freight
Reference material from October 20, 2016 Forum Class
  1. “Mastering Fear” presented by Robert Maurer, Ph.D. Powerpoint File – mastering-fear-no-videos
  2. “Suicide Prevention” presented by Kurt Rossbach, LCSW, Suicide Prevention Coordinator Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center Powerpoint File – suicide-ahec-version-2014-4-0-1 DOCX File – rossbach-follow-up-to-talk
Reference material from November 17, 2016 Forum Class
  1. “The Road To Building Resilience”
    Presented by: Myron Thurber, Ph.D., PT, LMHC, BCB, BCN
    Neurotherapy NW
    HeartMath Institute
  2. “Non-Violet Comunication”
    Presented by: Kathy Ducrest, Freedom Project of Seattle
    PDF 1 – non-violent-communication-11-17-16
    PDF 2 – non-violent-communication-handout-11-17-16
Veterans Crisis Line Phone: 1-800-273-8255, Press “1for immediate help