The Spokane Veterans Forum (SVF) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that provides mentoring, educational, therapeutic, and life enhancing services to military veterans referred from regional Veterans Enhanced Therapeutic Courts (VET Court).

The SVF was established in 2010.The SVF Program prepares veteran defendants to take their place as upstanding citizens in society and saves the community the cost of incarcerations.

Treasurer Spokane Veterans Forum

The Spokane Veterans Forum Treasurer is the manager of the budget, funds, credit cards and bank records of the Spokane Veterans Forum.

To do this the Treasurer in conjuction with the Spokane Forum staff prepare the annual budget and present it to the Board of Directors for approval. Then monitor spending to ensure approved budget guidelines are followed.

The Treasurer manages the Forum’s bank accounts keeping an accurate status of those accounts which are presented monthly to the forum staff for approval and to the board for information. The Treasurer prepares and submits periodic required reports to the State of Washington and the Federal IRS for tax purposes.

The Treasurer collects and pays bills for services rendered to the Forum by outside Companies/Agencies in a timely manner.

Forum Administration

Provide administration support for the organized and smooth flow of the Spokane Veterans Forum Thursday sessions. This includes, but not limited to communication between the staff and court, the mentors and court, the defendants and Forum. Communication with other Veteran Courts and the Forum is included.


  • Receive information from Mentors. Forum Staff, and any other pertinent individual involved and assimilate it to appropriate avenues for dissemination.
  • Track and report graduations for individuals involved in Veterans Courts and the Forum.
  • Work with the community to procure speakers for the education sessions for the Forum.
  • Work with Forum Staff on issues that arise that involve the Forum.

Work with Forum staff on training topics and mentor training topics.

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