“I had let an incident in my life define me. It took a DUI and this program to remind me that I am so much more.”

SVF GraduateKP – 2014

“Over the past year I have been given a wealth of knowledge that I would have never made an attempt to discover on my own.

For this, I will be forever grateful to the countless number of People who are a part of this Veterans Program.”

SVF GraduateRP – 2013

“…one of the biggest things that stands out to me about this program is the incredible experience that the forum provides. Being educational, informative, as well as entertaining, it offers membership to a strong community of welcoming veterans – and more importantly provides a vital sense of connection for the individual veteran that may be suffering and so direly needs it! I feel so blessed to have been exposed to such a wonderful group of people with the genuine desire to help others succeed.

I truly admire what has been built here and proudly solute not only those responsible for its creation, but those that carry it forward on a daily basis! If this program has taught me anything, it is that although our experiences in military service as well as many experiences in our individual lives can often give us deep wounds that leave no visible scars – we have also been given something much more important – we have been given each other!”

SVF GraduateRN – 2014

“I can never thank you enough for what all of you have done for me and all other veterans.”

SVF GraduateMM – 2013

“So, thank you all again for not leaving this veteran left behind.”

SVF GraduateRM – 2013

“This program worked for me because it’s the only place where the 4 essential parts of recovery and reintegration are pulled together into one coordinated effort…. For me the 4 essential parts began with: getting priority access to care: If you can’t get to the care you need or get the right care you can never get started….The second essential part for me was Treatment…I have only good things to say about my treatment….The VA helped me get my life and my family back – to them I am forever grateful….The third essential part for me was the Court Review Process…you restored my beliefs that our courts help people just as well as they can administer justice…The last essential part of this program for me is the Mentorship Program and Forums. I intentionally used the word “is” because the guest speakers at the forums are awesome – it would be impossible for any one person to access those type of people on their own.”

SVF GraduateDM – 2014

“This is a Fantastic program that should be in all states. It really helps a veteran move on from their troubles…I hope the Veterans Court [Forum] grows like a wildfire, and I am glad to be a part of it…”

SVF GraduateSM – 2014

“I also want to thank all mentors, staff, instructors, as well as all the other past present and future volunteers that take time out, … from their personal lives to help us veterans get back on track.”

SVF GraduateSM – 2013

“I can’t thank all of you I just want you to all know that this has given me another chance at life.

I will be truly thankful to each and every one of you that were a part of this.”

SVF GraduateRL – 2012

“For me this court [Forum] was an amazing opportunity for me to step back and look at my life and the direction it was going.

I found that I did not like or actually approve of the turn my life was taking. This program gave me the information and tools to re direct my goals and set a new path for the rest of my life.”

SVF GraduateSK – 2013