“It is with great humility that I express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your support, care, and concern.

When a member of a community falls, members of the community step in and help the fallen get back up…. Thank you for everything.”

SVF GraduateSS - 2017

“As part of the Spokane county Veterans Court Program, I am writing this letter to outline what I have learned from the program which included topics and issues discussed at the Veterans Forums.

One of the most important pieces of information I’ve take away from my involvement is the number of individuals, (community agencies, military oriented volunteers, other veterans) that are available to help.

…. Above all, I learned there is a network of people in Spokane that match the cultural fit I miss from my military experience and want to see veterans successfully transition into a satisfying and safe lifestyle.”

SVF GraduateJW – 2011

“To fellow veterans, if you need help, come and get it. Don’t wait until it’s too late.”

SVF GraduateCW – 2013

“I learned a lot of little things during forum that helped expand my thinking. The information I received allowed me to look at myself and others with an enlightened point of view.…

Moreover I am thankful for everyone who volunteers their efforts to this cause. I am a better person because of your help in keeping this program running.”

SVF GraduateJV

Veterans forums over the past year have been enlightening, informative, warm, and above all a sort of refuge for the many who wander thru life lost, as vets in our country.

I’ve been there, lived out of a backpack on the streets, held a sign for money on snowy Christmas eve’s, wondered where my next meal would come from. It’s hard as hell finding a place u can rest at night, that’s safe, so u don’t get beat up in your sleep.

The veterans court system, forums and the undaunting efforts of those involved, make u feel safe, offer you guidance and tools to cope and fix problem areas, and won’t let you go hungry.”

SVF GraduateTY

“…after my time overseas, I had grown accustomed to having this comradery or togetherness during my tour with a platoon and a battalion, this type of feeling I grew to love like it was a tangible object I could hold onto forever, making it a part of my life, and making it a safety net to fall on when I needed it.

So, when I finally came back to the United States and was finally released from my demobilization, that connection I had made over the deployment was severed, completely, and then the feeling of a hole within myself began.

However, what the Veterans Court [Forum] has shown me is that I am in fact not alone, that I wasn’t left behind, and that people do care about what I do with my life even complete strangers.”

SVF GraduateJS – 2016

“It is with great excitement and humility I am writing this letter today to request my graduation in the veterans Court… I am honored to have been a part of this amazing program.

When I first entered the Veterans Forum, I had no clue this program even existed, today I find myself very thankful for the program and the people who put some [sic] much work into it.”

SVF Graduated: PS – 2015
My thanks to the VA Forum, I am quiet and pretty much a loner, but it only took a couple Forums to realize what an impressive group and organization it is from top to bottom. My thanks to all the staff, volunteers, speakers. I have always been proud to be a Vet, the Forum humbled ME and made even more so. Thank all of you.”

SVF GraduateCS – 2014

“I must thank all of the folks that volunteer their time for us Veteran troublemakers. Food donations are amazing. The speakers all have done a wonderful job with conveying important healthy material.

I would like to have thanked each one personally. I have a whole lot of gratitude for veterans and appreciate your service/sacrifice.”

SVF GraduateCS – 2014

“I cannot say enough how important it is to have a mentor throughout the (probation) process and knowing that there is someone throughout the chaos (that) is there to talk to and listen to me….

Thank you again for the grace and mercy that this court has shown me and I look forward to moving on in my journey in life. I will look back at this time as a learning experience, and now have the ability (to) mentor others in a way I never thought I could. Thank you.”

SVF GraduateCS – 2013

“Having the opportunity to participate in Veteran’s court has made a big impact on my life. As a result of Veteran’s Court, attending the forums and having a mentor, I was able to get my life back on the right track.…Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to turn my life around and work towards my goals and dreams in an alcohol free, clear mindset.”

SVF GraduateCR – 2011