Spokane Veterans Forum

P.O. Box 653, Colbert, WA 99005
Email: SpokaneVetsForum2010@gmail.com
Office: 509-477-3901

Public Relations, Donations and General Information

Dan Dale, President, Ops Staff, SVF
Email: ddale@dshs.wa.gov
Cell: 509-954-8542

Michael Leitch, Vice President, Ops Staff, SVF
Email: Leitches@q.com
Office: 509-370-1734

Mentor Inquiries

Jerry Gutman, Mentor Advocate/Training Officer
Email: jerrygutman@gmail.com
Cell: 425-785-5052

Community Resource Inquiries

Dan Dale, Community Resource Officer
Email: ddale@dshs.wa.gov
Cell: 509-954-8542

Fundraising Officer

Maritza Cortez
Email: mctez63@gmail.com
Cell: 916-871-7997

Meals and Facilities

Tim Fitzgerald, President, SVF
Email: timothy.w.fitzgerald@gmail.com
Office: 509-477-3901